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Arizona Gets a “D” Grade in State Integrity Investigation

Everyone is disappointed, but nobody is surprised to learn that Arizona state government has flunked their State Integrity Investigation. There’s been a storied history of Arizona’s state government’s lack of accountability and history of corruption. In a state now overrun with fast cash loan companies, it’s time for the state to clean up. A History of Hiding Information In recent years, the findings are certainly shocking. But they’re probably not… Read Article →

Arizona Closes the State’s Energy Program

  After 40 years, the state of Arizona has ended its energy program. The State Energy Program (SEP) was developed in 1975 by the U.S Department of Energy. While the program continues to operate in other states across the nation, the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, and his administration shut down the program to cut on overhead costs. What the SEP does The State Energy Program provides financial and technical… Read Article →

5 Unique Startups Innovating the Construction Industry

A thriving construction industry is one of the hallmarks of a healthy economy. The sounds of construction, the opening of new buildings–these are signs that people are doing well and have money to invest. Those involved in construction do hard, often-dangerous work. Their labor makes it possible for the rest of us to live and work comfortably in quality real estate. Tech startups are what’s in right now. The best… Read Article →

Google Invests Massively in Clean Energy, Backs Kenyan Wind Farm

The search giant that’s lending its magic touch to everything from driverless cars to robotics is making major strides in the development of one of today’s hottest fields–clean energy. In sight of an upcoming UN climate change conference, Google announced on October 20 that it would be buying a major stake in Kenya’s largest wind farm. The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project is spearheaded by international energy company Vestas, which… Read Article →