5 Unique Startups Innovating the Construction Industry

A thriving construction industry is one of the hallmarks of a healthy economy. The sounds of construction, the opening of new buildings–these are signs that people are doing well and have money to invest. Those involved in construction do hard, often-dangerous work. Their labor makes it possible for the rest of us to live and work comfortably in quality real estate.

Tech startups are what’s in right now. The best startups are ones that simplify our lives, that make it easier to do what we need to do. A number of startups are directing their creativity and technology to facilitate the construction industry in unique ways. Take a look:


PlanGrid’s stated mission is to transform construction from a paper-dominated industry to a smart device-centered one.

Their primary product is a software that allows you to see blueprints on your iPad or tablet. Features include maintaining a master set with automatic version control, easy sharing of plans, markups, and photos, device syncing, photo archiving, and image rendering that’s faster than PDF.

PlanGrid has made amazing progress in a field in which workers are used to working with paper blueprints. The app now has 650,000 users.


Fieldwire is one of the leading apps for task management. It currently boasts 35,000 projects owned by 1,000 companies. The creators of the software set out to improve construction productivity by reducing the amount of time lost in getting materials and plans in order.

The software allows you to instantly create and assign tasks so that subcontractors are always busy. It tracks progress in an organized way and has a convenient notification system. Fieldwire also offers integrations with popular services like Dropbox, Excel, and Google Drive.


This situation likely rings familiar for many contractors: you buy a expensive equipment for a project. The project concludes and it sits around for a few months until the next contract. If they don’t buy, they have to acquire it at high cost from an equipment rental service.

Brothers Will and Jabbox Schlacks, who have two decades’ worth of experience in the construction industry, came up with a novel solution to this situation: EquipmentShare.

It’s a trustworthy platform through which contractors can rent out the equipment they’re not using or rent equipment at a price 30% lower than they’d pay with a rental company. EquipmentShare makes sure all equipment offered is in good quality, and a peer-review system is in place so you can see equipments’ track history.


A construction robotics startup whose technology has the capacity to reconfigure a room in no more than a few minutes. The room is made up of cubes. A group of small robots moves around walls, furniture, and other elements, rearranging the cubes until the room is organized according to the user’s tastes.


Joist is a convenient app for creating estimates and invoices. It saves you time by allowing you to select from your list of common materials and labor rates. Since you can download the app on your smartphone or tablet, you can send your invoices and estimates at work on the field instead of having to devote extra time to it at night.